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  Last updated: April 29, 2014

MSU FWA#: FWA00004556


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm


Mailing Address:
Michigan State University

408 W. Circle Dr. Rm 207 Olds
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 355-2180
Fax: (517) 432-4503
Email: irb@msu.edu


Office Location:
408 W. Circle Dr. Rm 207 Olds
Olds Hall is located between the Administration Building and MSU Main Library. Campus Map


Meeting Dates




Usually 2nd Monday of each month

Submission Deadline

Meeting Date

Nov. 15, 2013 Dec. 9, 2013

Dec. 20, 2013

Jan. 13, 2014

Jan. 17

Feb. 10

Feb. 14

Mar. 10

March 21

April 14

April 18

May 12

May 16

June 9

June 20

July 14

July 18

Aug. 11

Aug. 15

Sept. 8

Sept. 19

Oct. 13

Oct. 17

Nov. 10

Nov. 14

Dec. 8


Usually 3rd Monday of each month

Submission Deadline

Meeting Date

  Jan. 20
Jan. 24 Feb. 17
Feb. 21 March 17
March 21 April 21
April 25 May 19
May 23 June 16
June 20 July 21
July 25 Aug. 18
Aug. 22 Sept. 15
Sept. 26 Oct. 20
Oct. 24 Nov. 17
Nov. 21 Dec. 15


Usually 4th Monday of each month

Submission Deadline

Meeting Date

Jan. 31, 2014 Feb. 24, 2014
Feb. 28 Mar 24
April 4 April 28
May 2 May 30
May 30 June 30
July 4 July 28
Aug. 1 Aug. 25
Aug. 29 Sept. 22
Oct. 3 Oct. 27
Oct. 31 Nov. 24
Nov. 28 Dec. 22, 2014



Biomedical & Health IRB,

Community Research IRB,

Social Science/Behavioral/ Education IRB

and now Western IRB

This web site describes matters of interest to all IRBs.

(1) for researchers or investigators to submit their research protocols to the IRB for review, renewal or revision. To submit a protocol, use the Investigator Login tab on the left.

(2) for board members to access and review protocols on the web

(3) to provide forms and information important for understanding and responding ethically and legally toward human participants in research. 




PI Checklist - Initial Applications (PDF)


Consent Templates


Exempt Consent Template (PDF)


Form Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions


Instructions for Initial Applications





News & Events


March 2014


Website Changing Soon - The MSU HRPP is in the process of updating the humanresearch.msu.edu website, including changes to both design and content. For the design, the website is being updated to the MSU VPRGS website design format. In addition, new and updated content will also be available as part of the update. The new website is expected to be available in Spring 2014. If you have any suggestions for the website, please email them to burtkris@msu.edu.


A new form, “Request for Human Subject Research Determination” will help streamline the inquiry process on whether an activity involves human subject research and requires MSU IRB review. This form incorporates the regulatory definitions to make that determination and helps standardize the information requested. Investigators should submit this form if there are any questions on whether an activity involves human subject research and if there are questions, we strongly encourage use of this form before submission of an initial application to the IRB.


April 2013 - Lots of improvements for researchers, including irbdocs@ora.msu.edu reserved for supporting documents and offline applications, revised Exempt Appendix, and new training report view. Plus new pregnancy testing guidance and recommended file-naming conventions. April news...


Staffing Update - Several new personnel and promotions in the office are improving service to researchers beginnning in December 2012. Read details...


Human Research Liaisons Available - Upon request, HRL staff will meet with researchers at a location of their choice. Liaisons can also meet jointly with you and the CTSI if desired.


The HRL office is a new resource for investigators and study personnel on research regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures for conducting human research, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements.

We encourage questions!

Email: HRL@ora.msu.edu
T: 517-355-2180


Staffing Updates - HRPP has recently reorganized to directly serve investigators working on higher risk studies.
Liaison Program and HRPP Director...

Conflict of Interest (COI) - Conflict of interest situations that may impact  or appear to impact human research projects must be reported appropriately as they arise. You may need to complete the new COI reporting form. Read more...



Funding Agreements - When IRB projects are funded by a contract, grant, or other funding arrangement, there are several considerations related to the IRB. Learn more...



IRB & the MSU Pharmacy


Update! If investigational drugs or devices will be obtained from the MSU Pharmacy as part of a human subject research project, the MSU IRB will directly notify the MSU Pharmacy of IRB approval. This IRB approval must be on file with the MSU Pharmacy before the investigational drug or device can be dispensed.


Revising Protections For Human Research Subjects Events


The MSU Office of Regulatory Affairs submitted feedback in October to the U.S. Office of Human Research Protections on proposed rule changes. --  Read comments provided by the MSU research community


HRPP Policy Innovation and Demonstration Initiative (May 24, 2010)